dolphins-vestfjord-hvester (1 of 1)Access to research results should be made available to the general public. We believe that research only makes sense when it is for the benefit of people and nature. Our ongoing goal is to convert complex scientific language into understandable lectures, projects, and exhibitions which provide people with an opportunity to voice their questions, and to lead mutually beneficent discussions with scientists.

This is the reason for having established our Ocean Sounds Info Center. Research results are presented in the form of lectures and courses.
- New Info Center and Exhibition will open Summer 2015 in Svolvær..more info will follow…-

OceanSounds-whalefestival-2011-02University Courses:

Marine Mammals Biology course BI227 at UiN!
The course consists of lectures given in spring terms. The first two parts will cover Evolution, Biology and Distribution of Marine Mammals and their physiological and sensory Adaptation to the life at sea. The third part will focus on Communication, Behavior, Social organization & intelligence and field methods.
In June we will organize a 5 day field course in Henningsvaer at Ocean Sounds, where students will learn the field methods both at sea (with 2 boats we will look for whales!) and on land (Photo-ID, introduction into bio-acoustics).
Main lecturer will be biologist Heike Vester / Ocean Sounds.

The course can be included both in the master degree program in Marine Ecology or the Bachelor of Biology, as well as the semester exchange package “Ecology and Northern Wildlife”.

We recommend all students that are interested in learning from Ocean Sounds to enroll at the University of Nordland and consider the bachelor or master courses for Biology and the take Marine Mammals BI227 course:
Ecology and northern Widlife semester package.

Important: We have no capacity for volunteers, you will have to enroll as a student at UiN first and then take the Marine Mammal Biology course!

Lectures for school children:

If you are a school / teacher please contact us for further information: or call +47-91842012

1. The biology and research of killer whales and long-finned pilot whales in Northern Norway

Marine Mammals and the Nature of Lofoten

A 30-minute lecture with an additional 15 minutes’ time for questions can be given in English, German or Norwegian.
School children can come to our Science Center for a visit, but we are just as happy to visit the children at their schools.
For more information, please contact us: 0047-91842012