Ocean Sounds postal address:

Ocean Sounds
Sauoya 1
8312 Henningsvær
Phone: + 47-91842012

How to get to Henningsvær:
If you can: walk!

Take the train to Bodø, then the hurtigbåt to Svolvær.
Take the train to Narvik, then the bus to Svolvær.
Take the Hurtigrute (coastal steamer) to Svolvær.

[Or take Norwegian or SAS airlines to Bodø and take a connecting flight with Wideroe to the Svolvær airport.
Or take Norwegian or SAS airlines to Evenes and rent a car to drive to Henningsvær.]

Several busses daily connect Svolvær to Henningsvær.


Henningsvær, a small fishing village
with some 500 inhabitants, is one of
the most beautiful settings on Lofoten Islands,
in Northern Norway.



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