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To support our research and educational programs, we offer lectures and slide shows. You can learn about our unique research of the marine ecosystem and whales of Lofoten.

2015 we will have changes again, please follow us here or on our facebook site

OPEN … lectures for groups of min. 10 people on request …. until we have further news, sorry!




Slide Show & Discussion: Magical Whales & Seascapes of Lofoten

We created a 35 minutes multimedia show, which is the first slideshow that concentrates on the nine species of whales and dolphins in Vestfjord. Seeing the photos of those magical animals in combination with their sounds and music  is a unforgettable  experience.  But it’s not only the big whales, beauty can be found everywhere. There is a multitude of  birds, life thrives in tide pools and the crystal clear water. Enjoy magnificent seascapes in midnight-sun and winter storms.

Total duration about one hour: 100 kr / Person as Donation

There’s a short teaser in You Tube, enjoy!


We offer year-round multi-media lectures (in English, Norwegian or German) given by an Ocean Sounds researcher:


Killer whales and long-finned pilot whales of Norway
Biology and Ocean Sounds Research
Look at beautiful pictures, listen to the calls and clicks of the whales, and get first-hand information about our research. Our research focuses on the complex communication and language of these matrilineal whales.

Marine Mammals of Lofoten
Look at astonishing pictures, listen to whale sounds, and learn about the different species of birds and marine mammals, including nine species of whales that live in the Vestfjord and learn about our research projects and threats that these animals face.

humpback_heike-vester_2013 (1 of 1)ca 45min lectures plus discussion totals to 1-2 hours: Prize 250 NOK/ Person as donation!

Presentations are ideal for researchers / students / pupils / and other groups.
Or for more interested tourists as introduction to a fishing or whale-watching safari, as bad weather alternatives, or just for your personal enrichment.

Please call, sms or send an email to make an appointment!

visit us at the Ocean Sounds Center. Alternatively, we can also come to your location (additional cost).

Please contact us for more information!

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Phone: +47-91842012

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