Marine Mammal Course spring 2013!

We will start a brandnew Marine Mammal Course for students at the University in Nordland in Bodø in spring 2013!
The course will consist of 3 parts of lectures given in February and April 2013. The first two parts will cover Evolution, Biology and Distribution of Marine Mammals and their physiological and sensory Adaptation to the life at sea. The third part will focus on Communication, Behaviour, Social organisation & intelligence and field methods.
In June we will organise a 5 day field course in Henningsaver at Ocean Sounds, where students will learn the field methods both at sea and on land. Main lecturer will be Heike Vester / Ocean Sounds.

The course which can be included in both the master degree programme in Marine Ecology and the Bachelor of Biology, as well as the semester exchange package “Ecology and Northern Wildlife”, is to be offered for the first time in the spring of 2013.
Students will here be given a unique opportunity to get close to killer whales and pilot whales in the large fjord “Vestfjorden”.
If you want more detailed information, please go to the UiN website
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