31.7.2012 research taken up again

the weather has been better for the last 3 days and we were able to continue our research excursions. the noise from the seismic ariguns can still be heard, about half the strength they had before, but still very audible and visible on the spectrogram. the seismic ship is now outside Tranøy, south of Bodø…more than 200km away…amazing how far that noise travels!
however, pilot whales were seen in a deep fjord north of Bodø, in Sørfold and I found a group of orcas just outside Henningsvaer, they had a newborn calf with them and were slowly travelling out of the Vestfjord.
I hope life is coming back and we will see more whales feeding again soon!
update and pictures later, it is a busy time right now….