May was a very cold and snowy month, we had only few field work days, but never the less, life at sea is coming back. Plankton is visible, many seabirds, such as razorbills, guillemots, puffins, fulmars, terns and skuas have come back!
During these 2 months there were 5 different groups of orcas and one group of pilot whales inside the Vestfjord on the Lofoten side. And of course there are local harbour porpoises and the invidual minke whale, as well as Humpback whales in the Vestfjord! not a bad start for the summer field work season :-)

Yesterday i saw the first mackerell groups and that means summer is here with lots of plankton and soon the dolphins will follow. Again there seem to be too many puffins inside the Vestfjord, does that mean they did not find food for their young around Røst? it would be a bad sign..

I am alone until July and will try to keep the news updated as good as I can, and the center opened whenever people call me or send a sms, please be patient!

here are some pictures, I have to run.. have fun! Greetings from the Vestfjord, Heike

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