Already 3700 Euro Donation!

Thank you all, this is wonderful!! both small and big doantion came in and every day is a new surprise, I am very positive that we can keep our boat if we continue to have such nice supporters :-)
Two more bank payments are secured…..and the sun comes back, so we can soon start out boat excursions to look for and study the whales.

More to that with pictures soon,

Grateful,   Heike


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New Project: Finding Morgan’s extended family group P

We have started a new project on which a Bachelor student, Ellyne Dudkowski  from the University in Nordland (UiN) Bodø is working on. She will search for group P, which we have found through matching of calls to be closely related to Morgan. Group P was seen in 2005 inside the Tysfjord carousel feeding and we could record 2 hours of underwater sounds. From these sounds we identifed calls, which we could match to Morgan’s calls (Vester & Samarra, 2011). Pictures were taken of the members of the group, which you can see below. We have collected and we are still collecting pictures from killer whales that were seen recently along the northern norwegian coast. It would be essential to find Morgan’s close relatives, proof that they are still around and can be found through simple photo matching to show the decision to put her in an amusement park in Tenerife was based on wrong assumptions!

If you have pictures and you care about sharing, please send them to us or contact us by email:

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Killer Whale Workshop 25.3 in Ireland

A North Atlantic Killer Whale workshop is organized prior to the ECS conference on the 25.3.2012 in Galway, Ireland. We were invited to give a talk and Heike Vester (Ocean Sounds) and Sarah Hallerberg (MPI, Germany) will present our New Discovery of Salmon Feeding Killer Whales in Lofoten. These are new findings from the summer months of 2011. Killer whales were observed from April-November feeding on salmon. Before we always thought the killer whales in Norway feed mostly on herring, even though attacks on seals and whales have also been reported. However, these killer whales seemed to be specialized to hunt salmon.
We have investigated group composition through Photo-ID and sound analysis. Our preliminary results indicate context specific calls when the whales are  hunting and feeding on salmon. The calls and the behaviour is new to us and no comparable studies exists yet in other parts of the world. 2 Bachelor student at the University of Nordland in Bodoe are currently working on the Photo-ID of these whales.

We are excited to present these new findings and listen to other new killer whale studies from scientists all around the north Atlantic!

visit the ECS conference website and find out more about the workshop and conference. We are co-authoring 2 posters at the conference: Killer whale attackes on sperm whales and Photo-ID of long-finned pilot-whales with scientists from Andenes Whale Watching.

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Radio Show

Radio show about Zip’s law by Trevor Pinch and Mark Lane, mentioning our work with Jan Nagler about analysing the whales’ language:

listen here

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