Humpback whales and Orcas still close

…you can even see them from the road, they are still in the Andfjord and close to the coast of Vesteraalen and Senja, and even Tromsoe!

here a couple of articles:

NRK Nordland

Fredrik Broms

the herring is still here in the north but will soon start it’s migration to the southern fjords of Norway to spawn. At least the orcas are known to follow the herring south, but the humpbacks should be heading to their wintering grounds far away (Africa or Caribbean). Unfortunately there is no herring and therefore no whales in the Vestfjord and since we have financial problems we are not able to go in the field to search for whales here or study the orcas further north!
I really hope we will be able to find a solution to our lacking research money soon…the situation now is not very good……



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We need 27 000 Euro to safe our boat!

Good new year!

we could already collect 3 000 Euro for our boat and we only miss 27 000 Euro to finally call it ours and be free of paying money to the loan!
Once we reach 5 000 Euro donation we will core a winner for a hand signed printed photo of Orcas by H.Vester for the people that donated more than 100 Euro!

but more to that later (hopefully SOON :-), please spread the word and help us to reach our goal, thank you, you are wonderful!!!

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Spring 2012 University Nordland courses!

New University Courses:

Spring 2012 Heike Vester/Ocean Sounds will start teaching animal behaviour (BI216F 000 Evolutionary Behavioural Ecology ( Spring 2012 )) at the University of Nordland in Bodoe and supervise a bachelor student.

We recommend all students that are interested in volunteering for Ocean Sounds to enroll at the University of Nordland and consider the bachelor or master courses for Biology. The selected students will then be able to do a project with us!

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