We recorded seismic signals in Vestfjord from 170km away!

In 2010 I recorded strange signals outside Nappstraumen in the inside of the Vestfjord and thought immediately it could be signals from a ship using seismic activity to search for oil and gas outside Lofoten. I sent it to the WWF for further investigation. A couple of weeks ago, Dag Erland from the Norwegian newspaper “Kyst og Fjord investigated the sounds and found out that there were no activities outside Lofoten, but 170km more to the south west of Lofoten and the siganls most probably came from there! it is incredible how far these signals travel in the sea and it therefore astonishes me that there are hardly any regulations regarding sound control in the sea. It shows clearly that much more research needs to be done!
A new research article could show that humpback whale songs change in presence of noise 200km away: Risch D, Corkeron PJ, Ellison WT, Van Parijs SM (2012) Changes in Humpback Whale Song Occurrence in Response to an Acoustic Source 200 km Away. PLoS ONE 7(1): e29741. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0029741

you can find the newspaper article here and listen to the sound by clicking the link below:


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We need your donation!

Our boat is in danger and we need 30 000 Euros to keep it!
We had our zodiac boat now for 5 years and it served us wonderfully. Some of you may have had the pleasure to join a trip out at sea and know how important it is for our work, without the boat Ocean Sounds will not be able to continue…
We bought the boat in 2006 and financed it mostly through tourism, but this year the regulations have changed and we were not allowed to take tourists with us any longer. That means no direct income for our boat and 30 000 Euros are still open to pay it off from the bank.
We hoped to survive this year without our tourist tours by focusing more towards research and art projects, but unfortunately it hasn’t been enough and we need your help.

Please help us and search for any Euro you can find (check your old sofa for coins!) and put it on our donation bank account

However, since the boat is owned by Ocean Sounds you will not be able to get tax refunded from the donations. But we do work on starting a charity where donations can be tax refunded. There will be more projects coming up that will need your help, for example the next field work in summer 2012 to study and protect orcas and other whales in the Vestfjord.


Thank you for your support and help!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,

Heike Vester

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Winter on Lofoten

7.12.2011 as of today the sun will disappear and not be able to peak over the horison until 7 th of January. the frost came and everything looks magical white with icy colours of blue and pink..only northern lights show the powerful light of green and red.
However, since this summer was the best season I ever had, I have a lot of data to go through (more than 600 GB of photos and sounds of whales) during the next 2 months. but whales are here, a bit further north both humpback whales and orcas have been observed feeding on herring, just outisde the Andenes harbour. I will go out on a friend’s sailboat and hopefully gather more data during the next weeks. it is a newly observed behaviour that these species hunt side by side for herring so close to the Norwegian shoreline. we never cease to learn about the whales behaviour!

once i have some time, I will write a summary with lots of pictures of the summer of 2011, until then enjoy the holidays!


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