Morgan was sent to Tenerife..

Morga was sent to the amusement park “Loro Parque” in Tenerife. even after delivering every evidence there was to proof that she can be released in the wild in northern Norway, with having found a suitable place in Stø, supported by the local people and the major and with the support of Arctic Whale Tours, still the judge in Holland ruled this chance for Morgan out. it seems to “risky” and her chances of survival too low. well now she will face a certain shortening of her life, instead of having natural 80 years of life, it may be no more than nine years. Orcas, or any other dolphin should never be kept in captivity, they are highly social and acoustical animals that use a huge range in their natural habitat. kept in a concrete tank with other unrelated dolphins, none of this is given, the echoes from the walls are loud and the range is tiny, eventually they suffer.

I ask all of you, please do not support aquariums that keep dolphins (this includes orcas, belugas or pilot whales) in captivity, please do not support this inhumane business.

you can read more on the FreeMorgan website

in Norwegian on the Norsk dyrebeskyttelsen website

you can find a nice letter with a picture of the sea pen place in Stø and the comparison picture of Loro Parque…

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