Morgan will be sent to Tenerife and not to her home in Norway!

Today we heard the sad news from the dutch minsitry that they have decided to send the captive orca Morgan to Loro parque in Tenerife. despite all the evidence and professional planning to release her in the wild in northern Norway, where she blongs to, the Minister decided it to be too risky and instead will never give her a chance to find her family or relatives again.
Filipa and I worked hard to match more calls to Morgan’s vocal repertorie and we found a group that shared 7 out of 9 call times, which means this group may be here family group, or at least close relatives. we compiled our report and made it available to the ministry to show that when given more effort and time, we will be able to find her relatives and her chances of a successful release is feasable.

However, this and the professional release plan has not convinced the dutch minister to give that little orca a chance to live a life in the wild again, instead she will be sent to an aquarium in Tenerife, where she will have to entertain humans that pay money for it.

our report can be Report_on_further_comparisons_of_Morgan_acoustic_repertoire_Vester_Samarra_2011

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