Morgan the captive orca in Holland

For over a year a young female killer whale has been raised and hold in a small tank at the Dolphinarium Harderwijk. She is now back to health and a controversal debate and court case started about her future. We believe that she has a fair chance to find a family group of wild killer whales up here in Northern Norway that will adopt her. She belongs to the Norwegian herring feeding killer whales population We therefore support the Free Morgan Foundation in their efforts to win the court case, please go to their website to find more information: Free Morgan Foundation.

The place that wants to keep her in captivity is known for their bad husbandry, have a look at this article:

Together with other scientists we are still looking for her natal family group and hope we wil be able to match her calls to those recorded from Killer Whales in the wild soon. All summer there were killer whales in the Vestfjord and outside Vesteralen, which we studied closely.

Help us by making a donation and stay informed on petitions etc, you find more information on that on the FMF website!

We will update you on our progress as good sa we can…stay tuned

Thank you!

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