Pictures from the festival!


here are some of the pictures we took from the whale festival in Henningsvaer from 29.7-6.8.2011, enjoy! The festival was a success, we managed to find killer whales and Atlantic white sided dolphins, did playbacks with the killer whales, we had a great opening concert on Wednesday night in the harbour of Henningsvaer, when we let the humpback whale and David and Agnes roar the village! …and we even improvised with a power cut the next day!
Unfortunately not many people from the village came, many were on vacation, especially the kids. For next year we plan to set it for the second week in July, so we can arrange some fun activities for the children as well.
We will make more presentations during the following weeks, so check again…

Check the dance video!

I would like to thank everybody that participated and visited us during this event, it was a pleasure to have you here and I hope I will meet you again next year!


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Whale Festival 3-14.8

Whale Festival Program 3.-6.8.2011 talks & music

@ Ocean Sounds in Henningsvær:

3.8.2011 opening at the Ocean Sounds Center 17 o clock: welcoming talk by Heike Vester, David Rothenberg, Lasse-Marc Riek, Rauno Lauhakangas and Tuula  Nikulainen

30min Ocean Sounds slide show about the different whale species in Henningsvær

Afterwards: music with David and others in the center of Ocean Sounds

4.8.2011 whale & marine bio-acoustic research:

16:00 – Prof. D. Rothenberg (NJIT) and R. Lauhakangas (CERN) will tell you something about your field work in Russia (and other places) with some examples on how difficult it can get…

16:45 – talk by H.Vester: communication in matrilineal whales – killer and pilot whales

17:30 – talk by Prof. M. Timme & Dr. Jan Nagler (MPI): New methods for whale-sound-analysis

18:00 – talk by Prof. J. T. Nordeide (UiN) Bodø: Sex and sound of cod off Henningsvær

18:30 – “shark” talk by Claudia Junge (NIVA) Oslo

20:00 concert/music (David and others…) on the peer in front of Bryggehotel (weather permitting)

5.8.2011 human activities & whales:

16:00 WWF Norway – talk about whaling in northern countries (not confirmed yet)

16:45 Daniel Opitz film about whaling

18:15 History and whale stories: Tuula, Hanni, Rauno…

19:00 film

21:00 open for performances of guests!! On the peer in front of Bryggehotel (weather permitting)

6.8.2011 our contribution:

16:00 music with whales: David Rothenberg will say something about his work and experiences and show a French documentary about his work in Hawaii with Humpback whales.

16:45 Heike Vester will round up the festivals’ activities and discuss further wishes for the future

Open end live performance: Lasse-Marc Riek: soundscapes with orcas and pilot whales calls

Bring your own instrument, play with us and the whales, COME AND JOIN US FOR A BIT OF FUN! +47-91842012, Hjellskjæret, 8312 Henningsvær

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