23042011 dead spermwhale in vestfjord!

in the afternoon I received a phone call from a friend in Svolvaer that they have found a dead whale floating in the water around the islands of lille molla. we went out with their boat and I could take pictures and skin samples, it was clearly a male spermwhale, ca 12-14m long. spermwhales are extremely rare inside the Vestfjord and maybe he died outside the Lofoten Islands and floated into the Vestfjord afterwards. the whale has been dead for some time, his kin was already pink and eaten up in most parts. what has caused his dead is unknown, he was too young for a natural death (adult male spermwhales can reach 18m of length). often spermwhales collide with large ships, or he could have died of an infection or pollution. male spermwhales travel from the south (e.g. Azores) to northern Norway along the continental shelf to feed and return to the females and calves in the south after some time. I hope the DNA samples will tell us to which clan he belongs, and maybe the dorsal fin was not too destroyed for a match, but more to that asap.

here are the pictures, let me know if you need more info/material for research.

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18.04.2011 Ocean Sounds is open again!

The center in Henningsvaer is open again. There are no fixed opening hours but you can send an email: info@ocean-sounds.com or call: +47-91842012 to make an appointment.

At the Center we show a 30minute slide show about the Marine Wildlife (beautiful pictures of all sorts of animals, from yellyfish to puffins to seals and whales and dolphins and the landscape of Lofoten / Henningsvaer through a whole year!) and you can listen to Whale and Dolphin sounds and get a first hand explanation from a scientist.

For the ones of you that want to know more, we offer 30-45 minute lectures on Killer and Pilot Whale Biology (min 5 people).

At the moment we are not offering marine wildlife boat expedtions, you have to wait for the stormy weather to calm down. In addition the regulations for our boat have become more strict and we need to investigate whether we are able to take you on board at all. but more to that as soon as possible…

I hope to see you at our center in Henningsvaer!

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