Ocean Sounds will move to the Bryggehotel in May!!

We just received good news, Ocean Sounds has found a new place to continue in Henningsvaer, Lofoten next year!
The Bryggehotel offered us a new place to have our center. It is the largest hotel in Henningsvaer, right at the entrance at the big parking place. We will move into a small building called “Trandamperiet” after our break in May. More to that and pictures will follow later.

I will be working in Chile / Patagonia with CIEP until the end of April, then visit the Max Planck Institute in Goettingen in May and return to Norway thereafter. News will follow as they come…..

We look very much forward to working together with the people from the  “Bryggehotel” and to see you all next summer!

Have a wonderful New Year!

Best wishes,


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