22.11.2009 dead harbour porpoise

On my walk along the road from Henningsvaer I found a dead harbour porpoise floating in the bay. His right temple of the head was smashed in and the lower jaw was half ripped off. He also had a long scar along his belly. Maybe he was caught in fishing gear and the fisherman killed him when he pulled him out of the net. We have 20-30 harbour porpoises that live around Henningsvaer – Skrova and the major problem for these animals is being caught in fishing gear. Worldwide over 300 000 marine mammals die yearly because they got entangled in fishing gear (WWF). 3 killer whales entangled themselves in fishing gear in the Vestfjord during the last 4 years, one could be freed, whereas the others may have died. Bascin sharks are regularly caught as bycatch in fishing gear in the Vestfjord. Entanglements seem to be a rather common problem in this area and the effects on the marine mammal populations should be studied as part of the mutli species management plan of Norway.

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Ocean Sounds will close 29.11.2009 – 10.05.2010!

As a result of several difficulties we are forced to close Ocean Sounds for 5 months!
We are currently looking for a new place and will reopen next May. During the closing time you can only reach us via email: info@ocean-sounds.com
Updates will be available on this web page, stay with us!

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19.11.2009 updates on orcas

Unfortunately the herring has not yet come into the Vestfjord, but we have had regular visits of groups of killer whales. They seem to swim into the fjord from the north. They have been seen all the way in the entrance of Tysfjord. The orcas seem to rest there for a few days and then leave the fjord again. We are still very interested in Photos from the orcas in order to clearly to identify the individuals. If any of you were so lucky to see them and want to join your photos with us, please contact us: info@ocean-sounds.com
Thank you!

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4.11.+ 5.11.2009 orcas in the fjord

finally killer whales were seen on the 4th of November  just outside the lighthouse of Henningsvaer and later in the opening of the harbour of Svolvaer. On the 5th of November a large group (10-15 animals) were seen by the ferry of Loedingen! there is at least one group here searching for herring and we can’t say whether they will find some herring and stay or whether they will leave again soon. I have no pictures or sounds yet and I can’t say whether these killer whales are known to us. it would be interesting to find out if these whales were here before and when. if anybody has pictures and want to share them with us please contact us: info@ocean-sounds.com, thank you!

we have received a message and pictures of 3 killer whales (1 male + 2 female or juvenile) travelling through Gimsoystraumen around 10 o’clock on the 5th of November. they were on their way to the Vestfjord and maybe joined the group of whales that was later seen by the Loedingen ferry.
Pictures and information was provided by Eric Fokke, a nature photographer (www.lofotenbilder.no).
Such information is vital for the research and we hope that more people will contact us when they see whales!

here are 2 pictures taken by Eric Fokke:

spekkhogger-2spekkhogger-3 by Eric Fokke

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