Pilot whales, Minke whale, Fin whales and harbour porpoises 2009-07-11-21

We were lucky during the last 3 weeks, big and small whales came into the Vestfjord and we found some of them.
Since we have so much to do out in the fjord, we have problems updating you with news, but here are some news:

Here are the highlights:
2009-07-11 we found a young minke whale in the fjord. He was very shy and we could not approach him. When I checked my pictures later I saw many scars on the left side, it looked like he was shot or had survived a granate from the whalers. This may be the reason why he was so shy.
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2009-07-13+14 we found a group of 50-60 long finned pilot whales, yet another new group for us that produced a lot of beautiful sounds! We first heard them in the fjord and it did not take us long to find them. They were very curious and came very close to our boat, even vocalizing in the air. At one point a young animals was blowing bubbles under the boat. It looked like they were resting and milling in an area over 20km. The next day they were gone. We don’t know where they go or even if they ever come back. We just hope they won’t travel to the Faeroe Islands where they are slaughtered brutally in the name of tradition…
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2009-07-14 we found the second largest whale in the world: 2 Fin whales! They were swimming out of the fjord while producing low frequency sounds.
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We also saw a young grey seal at our small colony. However the seals are behaving very strange lately: they come very close to the boat (< 10m) almost begging. We suspect that the other widlife safaris from the village or private people started to feed these seals with fish. This is very dangerous because there is still seal hunting going on in Norway and the hunting quota for the grey seals is 25% of their population, with other words, people can shoot them wherever they see them. By feeding the seals, the selas get used to people & boats and when the hunters come, they will be easy prey. Wild animals should be left alone and not be fed!

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