Norway is one of the few last countries on this planet that continues with commercial whaling. The target species is the minke whale. These whales migrate every summer to the northern Atlantic to feed on small fish and krill. This year the whalers started 1 of April and shot already 3 whales in the Vestfjord. They shot the whales even though they could not sell the meat because all fish factories are still buying cod. The whalers have to wait until the fish factories cleaned their facilities to receive whale meat. This year’s quota for minke whales that can be shot close to shore in Norway is 750 animals and 135 whales around Jan Mayen. The minimum prize for a kilo whale meat is 30,50 kr.
This year the zonification is taken away, which means that all those minke whales can be shot in the Vestfjord. 
Let us hope the whalers show some respect for tourism and research and won’t shoot a whale again directly in front of our boat. Our proposal for communication and cooperation was rejected with the words that they are not interested because they were there first and have the right to shoot the whales. If our tourists don’t like it, they should travel to other countries. We will try to communicate with them again and calm the waves.


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Business prize Heike Vester!

Heike Vester received the prize for the best business woman in Nordland for 2008. The prize was given by the local government and consisted of a piece of Art (glass painting), a beautiful flower bouquet and a check of 30 000 kr. I was extremely honoured by the nomination and want to thank the people that nominated me! Thank you for believing in my work and for supporting my goals!
Please go to the follow links for more information:
http://www.nfk.no/ and

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New season 2009

After a long break since November 2008 we will open again on 1 of May 2009. I started a new project in Patagonia in Chile, studying whales and spend January-March over there.
We also launched a new website, which we currently still work on, but we hope it will be more structured and you will enjoy it.
The last Orca season was devastating, hardly any orcas came into the Vestfjord and if they did, they never stayed for long. In addition the bad weather conditions during the winter months made it almost impossible to study these animals. I have therefore decided to stop our winter program on Lofoten and instead spend my time in Patagonia to study whales there.
However, we will work all summer from May to the end of September and hope to find many whales and dolphins during in the Vestfjord. Our boat is currently in service to check that everything is safe.
The first safari will start 1 of May if the weather allows it.

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