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Ocean Sounds is dedicated to Research and Conservation of Whales & Dolphins and their marine ecosystem.

Ocean Sounds
has one base in Henningsvaer, a small fishing village on the Lofoten Islands in Northern Norway.  Within the Arctic Circle, Henningsvaer clings to a group of islands in the Vestfjord. Henningsvaer is a small but active community with its history deep in the traditions of cod fishing, carried through to the present.

The idea of Ocean Sounds began to be realized in August 2005 in Lofoten by founder and biologist Heike Vester with the purpose of combining research with education and art.

humpback_heike-vester_2013 (1 of 1)-101a. Ocean Sounds Research focuses on the biology and vocal communication of whales and dolphins in different places of the world. Currently we have 3 research projects:
Whales in Lofoten, Norway, Whales in Patagonia, Chile and Whales in Raja Ampat, Indonesia.

Our research builds a foundation for an understanding and protection of unique marine ecosystems.
We use our research results to give advice to government, businesses and organizations, create lectures, courses, projects and products.

1b. Cooperation Research we cooperate with other research institutes or environmental organizations (Max Planck Institute, SMRU, UiN, Greenpeace, CIEP, IFAW, WWF, Bellona, Natur og Ungdom, film teams like the BBC…) and give them support or conduct research for them.
We also help our partners with our research knowledge, e.g. Norwegian Eco-tourism, or Scientific tourism in Patagonia, Chile to introduce sustainable and responsible tourism.

2. Education we believe that research results should be accessible to the public, and should be used to educate students about marine animals and their fragile environment.
At our center we offer whale lectures & slide shows for the public as well as exhibitions.
Everybody can visit and learn about our work.
In addition, we offer University and School projects, lectures, courses and Bachelor and Master projects.
Currently we cooperate with the University of Nordland in Bodø in Norway, the Max Planck Institute and the University in Goettingen in Germany.

3. Art projects & events through art we try to build a bridge between the often dry and hard to swallow research results and the interest of people. In a creative way we want to introduce a deeper understanding of the complexity of the marine ecosystem and the human impact to trigger responsible behavior.
To do this we work directly with artists (e.g. music projects with our sounds recording from our research), invite artist to join our center with an exhibition or workshops and organize festivals.


pilot-whale-heike-vester-2013 (1 of 1)-12“Ocean Sounds  promotes continuous awareness, understanding, and commitment, to build a bridge between nature and people”

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We need your support!

To maintain independence, Ocean Sounds bases most of its research on the support of private donations.

Please visit our donation page for details.

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Or purchase our CD:

The  Ocean Sounds CD contains unchanged sounds/”words” of Dolphins, Killer whales, Pilot whales, Sperm whales, Seals and Fish. It is a compilation of the best recordings of 6 years research. Order it from:  Gruenrekorder.de .

wwf_logo_kleinThe WWF has supported us since 2005!

 THANK YOU! pilot-whale-pee-hvester-2012 (1 of 1)






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